Saturday, April 18, 2009

Statistics from Dr. Duh

Prior to yesterday we had been told BLA would offer a 99% cure rate for Cushing's. Dr. Duh, believes the rate to be closer to 90%. Of those "uncured" approximately 5% will need further treatment, the other 5% are still producing some cortisol, but not an amount that is worrisome. He spoke about adrenal remnants that can be left behind at surgery; tiny pieces of the adrenals can be missed even with meticulous surgical skills. As an added bonus other endocrine organs can also "learn" to make cortisol. He said he has one patient that he feels was a surgical failure, but she is thrilled because her body has decided to produce only the appropriate amount of cortisol and she no longer needs to take replacement hydrocortisone. If that's not a success I don't know what is!

I like hearing 99%, but I think the new number is more accurate based on patients experiences I know of. I'd like to think BLA will be the end of a long hard road, but realistically, well...I won't be letting my guard down.

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  1. I want to live in my little world of 99%!!
    But like you, I'm not sure I'll ever let my gaurd down.