Thursday, June 17, 2010


The school year ended 3 weeks ago and Alex and I met with her counselor and signed up for next year's classes. This August Alex should be starting her senior year. The thing is she only has credits equal to 2 years completed. We had really hoped she would be able to catch up this past year but the reality has been different.

Options include taking the state proficiency exam (they don't offer a GED 'till you are at least 18), trying to cram two years of work into one, or planning on taking an extra year of H.S. Alex plans on going to college so she has decided she would rather plan on an taking two senior years. This will give her more of an education under her belt so that college won't be so intimidating. Her counselor is fine with this option as long as Alex is making "good progress" this coming year.

I think it's the best option, but it's going to be really hard when her friends are graduating and leaving home and she is going back for another year. I guess this means we will be skipping senior pictures, and all the other "senior stuff" for another year. It may be the best option, but it still makes me so sad for her.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Been A While

Time flies! Improvements are so slow it seems like nothing changes. On the other hand when I look back things are still continually changing. So, lets see...

Alex's weight loss seems to be stalled at the 25-30 pound mark. She is still working on it but as soon as she loses a few pounds she gains them back a week later. She really no longer has any of the "Cushie" symptoms. At this point it's more about getting her body back to a normal state and adjusting meds, still.

Hydro dose is still the same, though we have had to switch up the timing a bit to avoid headaches every afternoon. Along with 2 fludro a day she is taking 2 salt pills. They seem to help as much as the fludro with keeping her fluid and electrolytes balanced. One week ago we increased the Levoxyl to 75mcg. The Levoxyl has been a really good thing. It has helped with energy levels and helped with the menses. We are hoping the increase of dosage will cause further improvements. The Vyvance isn't working as well as it was so she will start this week on an increased does (30mg) of that as well.

We were talking this weekend about how the changes really do sneak up on you. We were out running errands for several hours and didn't have to slow down or give up and come home. A year ago if we made it through Costco and back home she would have been done for the day.

I'll make sure and post next month when she reaches the one year mark. Hopefully with a picture of the changes!