Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still Learning

Before I even get started with a new topic, I need to say YAY! For those who haven't already heard the MRI was fine. "No definite tumor".

Anyway, when we started with the new endo she suggested we increase Alex's dose of hydro. Dr. F. had suggested this as well. It's funny how resistant we are and how hard we fight against excess steroids after living with Cushing's. We have been vigilant about trying to reduce Alex's dose to the absolute minimum amount she could function on in hopes of further weight loss.

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective I suppose. Retrospectively, I should have seen it. Headaches daily, terrible fatigue, nausea...and it didn't dawn on me that this was all caused by not enough hydro? Add to that the labs and the fact that it was so incredible hard to wean? Needing extra hydro a couple times a week just to keep from puking? Oh, and two crisis siuations in a 5 month period?

So, over a month ago we increased the hydro from 15mg daily to 20mg daily. Guess what? She feels better! And, surprisingly, she hasn't been gaining weight of showing any other "Cushie symptoms". In fact, she has lost another couple pounds.

Like I said, still learning!