Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Back...

We spoke with Dr. Friedman this week and he confirmed what we already knew. Alex is producing cortisol, yet again. She had both a pituitary MRI and an adrenal CT recently and both came back clear. As much as that sounds like good news our Cushie friends know this is not. Without a surgical target nothing can be done. 

So, we wait. In April she will have an other abdominal CT; there is a new type of scanner, a 320 slice, and we have located one in the Bay Area, only a couple hours from home. In the meantime we hope the weight gain abates, she tries another round of  Ketoconazole, a drug that can reduce cortisol (but that she have had no luck with in the past) and we pray that a target appears on the next scan.