Thursday, September 30, 2010

The New Endocrinologist

After the fiasco reported in my previous post I've searched out a new endocrinologist. I've asked around and slogged through every local endocrinologist's web site trying to find someone I thought would be receptive. Today was the big day...we met with Dr. Lee at UC Davis.

We first met with her "helper" (intern?) and he actually spent about 45 minutes in the room with us going over heaps of old paperwork, attempting to assemble the puzzle that is Alex. Once he was done he consulted with Dr. Lee and then the two of them came in together and spent an additional 20 minutes.

Both Alex and I liked the doctor and felt she was competent. She asked the right questions and didn't say anything that was cause for concern. I guess we won't really know how good she is until we hit a snag, and see how she reacts. She suggested Alex increase her hydro dosing. We have been reluctant to go this route, but have to admit Dr. F said the same thing. With ACTH in the 300-400 range, and Alex feeling tired all the time, coupled with a need for extra hydro several times a week I think it's a valid option to try. We are going to give it a shot and hope the weight doesn't start piling on. She is okay with Alex's fludro dosing, and agrees that when fall weather actually gets here( it's 100 degrees today) we will likely need to reduce. She's running thyroid labs, but thinks Alex is likely at the top dose necessary. She's running all the sex hormones as well, so that may get us somewhere.

All in all it went well, but only time will tell.