Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lots of Things

I don't know why I haven't been blogging I actually have quite a bit to say.

The latest news: Alex no longer has high cholesterol or pre-diabetes (insulin resistance). The latest labs are well within range with no medications to help out. Current weight loss is at 25 lbs.

GYN news: Dr. Warner is unable to regulate Alex's cycles with progesterone and thinks a uterine ablation is the answer. Alex and I were both totally on board with the idea till I asked some of my Cushie friends. They have made me re-think and we are going to try more alternatives first. This week Alex will be seeing my GYN for a second opinion. Alex is certain that she does not, and will never want, to bear children of her own. With pituitary damage it will be hard to get pregnant, with no adrenals it would be tricky to sustain a pregnancy, but for her, first and foremost, is that she doesn't want the posssibility of passing on the disease to a child. We both feel adoption will be a better alternative when the time comes. My Cushie friends have advised that it's awfully early to close the door on fertility.

Endo news: Today Alex starts on Levoxyl 50mcg. We persuaded the local endo to do a trial run on thyroid meds. Her numbers are within range but low. We are hoping this is the key to further weight loss, increased energy and regulation of menses.

ADHD news: Alex has been on Vyvance for about a month and a half. It gives her a bit more energy and does help her to focus some. She thinks it makes her feel a bit "flat". I tend to like her a bit "flatter" than usual. I see a huge difference in her ability to have a coversation without being all over the place.

Other news: We got Alex an '02 Honda Accord last week. I got a really good deal through an ad on Craig's List. Our deal has been that the kids have to pay for half of their first car. She will be making monthly payments to us for her half. I think I'm as excited as she is. It is really nice for her to be able to do things on her own.