Thursday, June 17, 2010


The school year ended 3 weeks ago and Alex and I met with her counselor and signed up for next year's classes. This August Alex should be starting her senior year. The thing is she only has credits equal to 2 years completed. We had really hoped she would be able to catch up this past year but the reality has been different.

Options include taking the state proficiency exam (they don't offer a GED 'till you are at least 18), trying to cram two years of work into one, or planning on taking an extra year of H.S. Alex plans on going to college so she has decided she would rather plan on an taking two senior years. This will give her more of an education under her belt so that college won't be so intimidating. Her counselor is fine with this option as long as Alex is making "good progress" this coming year.

I think it's the best option, but it's going to be really hard when her friends are graduating and leaving home and she is going back for another year. I guess this means we will be skipping senior pictures, and all the other "senior stuff" for another year. It may be the best option, but it still makes me so sad for her.


  1. Rene,
    I'm sorry. With time it does get easier to accept.

  2. Rene, our system offers the option of "walking" with the seniors, but taking the english/government courses in the summer either online or in summer school. If Alex could work out a deal like that, she could walk with her class, no one would have to know, and she'd still have HER senior year. I don't know if that will work where you are...

  3. Don't skip the senior pictures! She will want to see herself in the yearbook with all of her friends. She can do it again next year with next years friends too.

  4. Thanks so much for your comments and suggestions! Mid freshman year Alex was "forced" to leave tradition high school becasue of attendance policies. Since then she has been enrolled at "Independence High" where she only physically attends one hour per week to meet with a teacher. She doesn't actually know any other students there and they don't have a yearbook.
    Robin, she is too far behind for options like you suggest. And get this...they won't let her attend summer school. You have to FAIL a class to be eligible, she's a A-B student so it's a no go. It's all about budget cuts!