Saturday, April 11, 2009

Medical Alert Jewelry

We still haven't ordered a medical alert bracelet. I am being totally indecisive on this one. A year ago, before pituitary surgery we had this same dilemma. Alex wants something that looks pretty: I want something that screams "read me in an emergency". Last time we ended up getting a silver bracelet from Tiffany's. One of the popular ones with the "return to Tiffany's" heart shaped charm. Theoretically we were going to put the medic alert charm on the same bracelet. Of course Alex loved her Tiffany's bracelet so much she didn't want to ruin the look by adding the ugly charm. In the end she never really wore the medical charm. We knew pretty quickly that she wasn't cured and that it wasn't that important.

So here we are again, bracelet? necklace? good quality to last forever? cheap to be replaced frequently? I'd like to know if having the "name" brand makes a difference in an emergency; do paramedics or docs actually call the number to get the information from the service? There is a yearly membership fee. To use their service you have to buy the bracelet from them, and they seem to have the ugliest collection.

Alex pointed out that since I probably won't leave her side for months post op it's not like we are in a big hurry to order. It's just not like me to procrastinate!

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