Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Should Have Seen It Coming

Well, I got the rug pulled from under my feet again. It felt more like getting hit up side the head with a shovel. How is it that I remain optimistic going in to these appointments? Will I never learn?

Yesterday morning Alex was feeling particularly awful. She was in a low to rival all lows. Before we could even leave the house she took 3 doses of hydro to get past the extreme nausea. A three hour drive got us to Stanford just in time for her 2:00 appointment. The receptionist told us Dr. V was running 45 minutes to an hour behind. The finally called us into the exam room at 3:40. Another hour later we were still waiting. I stuck my head into the hall and complained. They sent in a doc in training. He was completely lost and baffled; he had none of the information needed. Out he goes. A little after 5:00 (yes this was a 2:00 appointment) the doc in training along with the surgeon arrived. By then Alex and I are completely frazzled and exhausted.

Dr. V gave us a heartfelt apology for the wait and gave us his full attention. The good news? I really do like the guy and feel he is qualified to do the surgery. The bad news? He feels "considering the complexity of the case" he needs to talk things over with Dr. Friedman and some of his Stanford associates before he is willing to schedule surgery. I can't blame the guy I guess, he doesn't know Dr. F, so his caution is warranted. I know I should respect that he is not someone to jump in to life altering surgery uninformed. I just wanted so badly for this to go more smoothly.

I swear the long wait threw me off my game. I should have explained my decision making process; I thought of that in the car on the way home. This morning I sent Dr. F an e-mail to tell him to expect to hear from Dr.V, but who knows how long it might take for the two of them to connect by phone. I sent Dr. V an e-mail as well. I gave him a complete explanation of all the things I failed to mention yesterday. I just don't know what to think now. I don't know when we will hear back or if he will be willing to do the surgery once he talks to everyone.

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