Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Sinus Infection

Prior to pituitary surgery Alex never had a sinus infection; things change once they mess around inside there. This past year she has had several, the latest one this week. Over the weekend she was complaining of a headache, eye pain, sinus pain and had a low grade fever off and on. Sunday night she had her first ever gushing nose bleed. Weird, because earlier in the evening she said it felt like something popped in there. The problems are always on the left side; it's the one they went in through for surgery.We saw the pediatrician on Monday and got Alex started on Augmentin yesterday. Hopefully 10 days of antibiotics will get rid of it this time.

It's going to be a week of appointments. Next up is the G.I. doc on Thursday, followed by the surgeon at Stanford on Friday. Next Monday she has a dental appointment. It should be fun just getting her up and out of the house that many days in a one week time frame. As of yesterday she seems to be cycling up, so that should help, if it lasts.

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