Monday, April 20, 2009

Pay It Forward

Recently a Cushing's patient, Kristen, invited me to become a member of her Meet-Up Group for Cushing's patients and survivors. It's a virtual group, we won't actually be meeting face to face. Members are sponsors and sponsees, like AA; those who have been through it are there to help those who need support. I've already emailed back and forth with a few "sponsees" and it feels good to be helping someone. Or at least I think I'm helpful!

Sometimes I wonder if there is a path I'm supposed to be finding here. Maybe God has a plan I'm not aware of? A friend of ours was recently injured and I spent 2-3 hours at the hospital every day with him for over a week. I know he thought I was crazy to be there all the time, but I have this total conviction that every patient needs an advocate (they just don't always know it). Maybe a few years down the road this will all become clear to me? I wonder if there is an income potential for this? On the other hand maybe a few years down the road I will be fighting the same battle, older and wiser still.

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