Thursday, April 5, 2012

Meds, Meds, Meds...

The medical techs always ask, as we sit down in the exam room, "Are you on any medications?". Alex and I give each other "the look". Yes. Lots.

We'll talk cost another day. 

Hydrocortisone ~  twice daily for cortisol replacement

Fludrocortisone ~ twice daily for aldosterone replacement

DHEA 25mg ~ once daily for, well, DHEA replacement (adrenals normally make it)

Estrogen/Progesterone combo ~ to regulate periods and prevent migraines

Nexium  40 mg ~ once daily for GERD

Vyvance 50 mg ~ once daily for ADHD

Levoxyl 150 mcg ~ once daily for  central hypothyroidism

Clarinex 5 mg ~ once daily for year 'round allergies

Ironsorbs ~ three times daily for severe anemia

Vitamin D-3 50,000 IU ~once weekly for very low D levels

Albuterol Inhaler ~ as needed for asthma

Nasonex ~ as needed for allergies

Tramdol ~ as needed for pain (headaches)

B-12 ~ for improved energy?

Oh, and salt, in the form of Thermotabs, to replace lost sodium

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