Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How Many Doctors does It Take

How many doctors does it take to get a diagnosis and cure? Still counting...
I've tried to make a list, off the top of my head, of every practitioner we have seen, but chances are I've forgotten some. 

Endocrinologist (12) ~ for all the endocrine issues (currently 3)
Neurologist (3) ~ for the 24/7 migraine
Neurosurgeon (3) ~ for consultations and surgery
Ophthalmologist (3) ~ for vision issues caused by the tumor
Orthopedist (2) ~ for broken bones caused by excess cortisol
Gynecologist (3) ~ for irregular female hormones
Laprascopic Surgeon ~ (3) for consultations and surgery
Gastroenterologist ~ for the GI issues (GERD and Crohn's)
Pediatrician ~ for everything
Oncologist ~ for unusual blood tests
Hematologist ~ for severe anemia
Otolaryngologist ~ for  frequent sinus infection created by surgery
Cardiologist ~ for heart problems including atrial fibrillation
Immunologist ~ for the compromised immune system
Podiatrist ~ more broken bones (Cushing's makes them break easily)
Psychologist ~ for the docs who said it was all in her head
Physical Therapist ~ after bones and muscles recovered from breaks
Dietitian ~ for the docs who wouldn't believe she was eating 1000 calories a day and gaining weight
Nutritionist ~ same as above
Chiropractor ~ for migraines and misalignment due to the distended belly
Acupuncturist ~ for migraine pain
Biofeedback specialist ~ for migraine pain
Dentist ~ high cortisol destroys teeth
Orthodontist ~ palate damage from thumb sucking (from pain and stress)


  1. All I can say is WOW! I feel very fortunate... but now thinking about it I should list out the doctors we have seen just so I can see it myself because I know it is quite a few, but not as long as this!

  2. I agree with Amber. I hadn't thought I'd seen that many but looking at your list, I have seen most of those doctors, too.

    Great post to help get the word out there :)

  3. I don't even want to think about how many she'll see in a lifetime! Nearly all of these were by the time she was 15.