Monday, April 30, 2012

The Final Day ~ Cushing's Awareness Challenge

Thirty posts in thirty days; I did it! 

When I initially started blogging, years ago, it was really for my own mental health. It was a way to get things off my chest, and a journal, so that I could look back. I never intended to share it beyond   some limited boundaries. Over time, I've been contacted by several strangers (who have somehow found me) searching for answers to their own health problems and I've come to realize it is doing some good; I am doing some good. It's been frightening to share with friends and family this month but if a single person benefits, well, that's enough. 

Since this has all been about awareness I wanted to note: in the past 30 days I have had 1353 page views (my own aren't counted). Thanks for dropping by!   

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