Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It Will Be Two Weeks Tomorrow

I am so happy to see things still progressing in the right direction. I can't believe how quickly things have changed. Alex gets up and out of bed every day...usually around 7:00 am. That is amazing compared to what time she was dragging herself out of bed, noon or 1:00 pm. Not only does she get out of bed, she is taking a shower every day and running errands with me!

Yesterday she met with her school counselor and registered for classes that start on the 10th. She isn't taking any online classes because she thinks she will be feeling well enough to actually go to the campus. Later in the day she bought a new desk for her room because she is excited to get started on school work. And another thing? She has a job interview, and it sounds like a sure thing. The Montessori preschool the kids went to is interested in hiring her part time and they are willing to work around her health/recovery!

We are still weaning; her current hydro dose is 20-10-2.5. She is taking half a Florinef in the am and half in the pm and she also started DHEA last week.


  1. That's wonderful Rene! Sounds like she's keen to get out there and catch up on life, good on her!

  2. Oh, yay! I still have yet to get up and out of bed on a daily basis, but I'm working on that:P. I'm really glad that she didn't have to go through the 5 weeks of puking like I did. I should e-mail her soon.

  3. Thanks Jess, I know she would love to hear from you!