Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Week Post-Op

At this point we have reduced the dosage of hydro to 30-15-10, with reductions every day. We plan to get labs done soon and start DHEA after that. We also plan to start the Florinef soon, probably tomorrow, we are waiting to get to a lower dose of hydro before starting the Florinef. I think we will start with 1/4 tab a day and increase by 1/4 tab 'till we get to 1/2 pill twice a day.

We were told to expect recovery to be two steps forward one step back, that seems pretty accurate. Yesterday was a bad day. Alex was having a lot of pain and some major mood swings and depression.

On the positive side, things are changing. Her acne is vanishing, her skin has more color, the stretch marks are fading, the hump is smaller. Her weight hasn't changed, but she looks different. Her face looks thinner and her belly looks different; it looks like a fat person tummy instead of a pregnant tummy. Between the belly and the hump improving her posture looks different; it's hard to explain, but she looks taller and thinner. I didn't realize how much the hump was causing her to slouch.

I know she feels like poop, but we can see positive changes. Things are getting better.

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  1. Tell Alex I'm thinking of her. Even though I don't know her exact situation, I can really relate to what she's going through, if she ever wants to talk, I can give you my number or she could e-mail me.