Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 Days To Go

It's finally getting close! We have a pre-op phone appointment with Dr. Friedman tomorrow night and a pre-op phone appointment with the "prepare clinic" on Monday. The surgeons office called yesterday and has me a bit worried (only because experience has taught me too many things can go wrong). They offered the option of a pre-op with the surgeon for Friday; I declined. I feel like our prior appointment with him was sufficient and really don't want to do the 5 hours of driving, round trip, for no reason. They also said Dr. Duh would like to speak with Dr. Friedman this week to "confirm everything". I sent an e-mail and will also ask Dr. F to do this when I speak with him tomorrow. This is where I'm afraid of there being a wrench in the plan.

I finally heard back from the cardiologist, sort of anyway. I didn't get complete results on the echocardiagram, just a note on a script pad saying she had cardiac clearance for surgery. I told them to fax me everything and that was all they sent over.

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  1. Rene,
    Everyday I count how many days Alex has left till surgery!! I'm so glad it's almost here. We'll pray no wrenchs get thrown. But I know what you mean. That's always my concern right up until they wheel then to the OR.
    Hang in there.