Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We have an appointment

I reached the surgeons office yesterday and managed to get on their calendar. I hope this means he is willing to actually do the surgery. Personally I'd like to skip this step; his record speaks for itself. I'd prefer to make an appointment for surgery and just meet him the day before at the pre-op. No such luck. We have an appointment on April 17th, five more weeks of waiting. Until then I will be praying that he doesn't meet with us simply to tell us he won't do the surgery.

Of course the scheduled the appointment for 9:00am. That means we will need to spend the night in San Francisco. Alex and I both love the city, but a bargain room and parking is $200.00. The drive from here is only about 2 hours during non-rush, but at that time of day it would take us 4. There's no way I could get Alex in the car at 5:00am, she usually can't get out of bed till noon.


  1. And the wait will seem forever, won't it? Let's pray he just says "let's get you scheduled."

  2. Exactly! I do a lot of praying these days.