Monday, March 23, 2009

Radiation? Where did this come from?

I will never get used to e-mails from doctors. Somehow it's just seems wrong to find life altering information waiting between the Viagra ads and lottery winner notifications in my inbox. Last week I heard from Dr. McC and forwarded the message (see my last post) to Dr. Friedman, today I received his response to it.

I would vote for repeat pit surgery, if its not too late, if she goes for bla, I would probably do radiation therapy to those spots

How do I respond to this one? I was feeling quite comfortable with my decision; now I'm second guessing again. What is he thinking here? Is he considering this a fast growing tumor? I thought those were the only ones that needed radiation. Guess it's time to do some more research on that. At this point I suppose I should think about the very real possibility that although we are looking at a 99% cure rate from Cushing's with BLA, it doesn't mean the war is over.

The headaches are back. That's a biggy for me. If only we could tell whether the cause of the headaches is fluctuating cortisol levels or "mass effect" of the tumor. All the docs have told me that a little tumor like these are couldn't be causing the headaches, only the cortisol issues could do that. Still I wonder. I will be kicking myself if we do the BLA and the headaches stay. How hard will it be to convince the neurosurgeon to go back in then?

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