Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Referal Process

Apparently this is going to take a while! Dr. Friedman sent his referral to me by email, and sent nothing to the surgeon directly (he told me I could send it over myself). I faxed it over to the surgeons office but I was doubtful they would be happy with it, all he actually sent was the dictation of our appointment. I followed up by calling the surgeons office yesterday. I was right, they wanted a lot more information before they would consider setting up an appointment. I ended up faxing over lots of page of lab results, prior dictations, radiology reports etc. Hopefully this will be enough for them to schedule an appointment. They did tell me on the phone that he is scheduling appointment in April for office visits, and we will need one of those prior to surgery. After we see him then we can set up surgery for June; maybe they can squeeze her in sooner since she is a pediatric case. So, nothing is going to be happening any time soon. I will call them back tomorrow and see if they are ready to at least set up the first appointment.


  1. Don't you hate setting up these kind of appointments? Nothing ever goes like you think it will.
    Hope you get an appointment soon

  2. Thanks, It seems like you are so much more patient than I. If we wait to see him and then he says he won't do it I will be so upset!