Monday, January 25, 2010


Alex did the first months cycle of progesterone. Nothing changed. Using the progesterone for 14 days did seem to mess with the balance of her hydro/fludro, which was not the least bit helpful. Her period was supposed to start within a few days of stopping the progesterone; it didn't start till 10 days later. Her pain and flow were supposed to be lessened: they were the same. The doctor says try another one month cycle and see how it works before we change things up again. So, we are back to trying to be patient.

The pediatrician changed the ADHD med from Ritalin to Vyvance. I'm picking up the script today and Alex will be giving it a try. I'm crossing my fingers.


  1. Justin seems to do pretty well with the Vyvance.
    Sorry the progesterone isn't working. Does he have any idea what else to try?

  2. Insurance needs a prior auth for the Vyvance, so we are waiting. The GYN wants Alex to try 2 months on the progesterone befoe he makes changes, but he does have a plan. If all else fails he says they could do an ablation.