Saturday, January 9, 2010

MRI Results

The results are in from the MRI last month, and the comments are less than interesting.

Dr. K's office called and said "He says there is no obvious tumor or disease". That was it. I had requested the MRI on disk and written copies of the radiology report and surgeon's report. I explained to the person on the phone that I hadn't received these things, and when pressured she agreed to fax me the two written items. The fax came through and sure enough that was the entirety of Dr. K's comments. The radiology report basically said the same thing, with a nice note saying that they had forgotten to use the dynamic protocol and would suggest they do use it next time. For the record? They "forgot" last year as well and made the same recommendation then. Jeez.

Oh, well, I think we are just not going to worry about it. Obviously there is no target worth going after at this point as far as Dr. K is concerned. Once I get the disk I'm sure Dr. McC would read it for me, but I don't think there's much point. Until next year this is going on the back burner.

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