Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Spoke with Dr. F.

I'm feeling overwhelmed with all I need to accomplish before Christmas, but if I don't do this post now I'll never get around to it.

Sunday night we spoke with Dr. F regarding Alex's ongoing issues. He feels her lack of energy may be from either too little hydro or too little Florinef based on the labs. Renin was dead on center normal, and Alex and I have tweaked till we felt it was the perfect dose so I don't feel like it's the Florinef. I've continued to think we need to get her hydro dose lower still but the 24hr UFC/OHCS looks quite low, leading him to believe she needs more if anything.

He wants to see another Free T4 before he would consider thyroid replacements. Her numbers are still within range and once you start thyroid meds it's generally for life, so he wants to wait for now.

As far as the female hormones he would like us to consult a GYN. We set up an appointment next week and they will probably start her on bio-identicals.

Dr. F would really like for her to have the GH stim test, her numbers have been continually dropping though they are still within the reference range. The values are higher every year until 18, so hers should be going up not down. We will ask her local endo if he is willing and able to order it; we see him in January. The cost to have it done in L.A. is significant, since insurance won't cover testing done at ETLA.

Friday Alex has an appointment to see her pediatrician for a consultation regarding AD/HD, and the possibility of getting medicated for it.

One more thing? She's down another 3 pounds. That makes 17 since surgery.


  1. Rene,
    The adderall has helped Jess' energy level a lot, not just her concentration. Hope Alex can try it.

  2. I wish the BLA would have been the end of all Alex's sounds like it's gonna take a lot of fine tuning to get everything just right. Hang in there..the right combination of meds might be just around the corner!! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.