Saturday, December 19, 2009


We saw the pediatrician yesterday for the ADD/ADHD evaluation. They had us fill out an evaluation prior to seeing the doctor. The doctor came in and went over the forms and said she definitely fits the profile for ADD. The scoring is in several different categories and Alex's number was extremely high in the "cognitive" category. I have been worried that Cushing's has caused Alex to have cognitive deficits and just hadn't gotten around to talking to anyone about it. There is research that acknowledges it's a known problem with kids who've had Cushing's. Anyway, especially with this considered in, Alex is being referred to an Educational Neuropsychologist for further evaluation.

The pediatrician in willing to prescribe Ritalin, but would prefer Alex have the testing done with this new guy first. If he can't get her in shortly we will go ahead and start Alex on Ritalin. Right now we are just waiting for him to call back.

So that's one more diagnosis to add to the mix, and maybe cognitive deficits as well? It never ends does it?

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