Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Met Another BLA'er

On Saturday I met with Sybil (Sylvia) from the cushings-help message boards. Aside from talking to a few possible Cushies in Dr. F.'s waiting room this was my first ever face to face with another Cushing's patient. Sybil had pituitary surgery (failed) with Dr. McC about 6 months before Alex's pituitary surgery and she had her BLA With Dr. Chiang about 6 months before Alex had hers. Sybil was also diagnosed by Dr. F. after fighting many years with the local endos. We spent 2 hours chatting and had a great time. She is really fun and had lots of insight into the changes a body goes through with recovery.

Alex is finally down to 20mg of hydro a day and has lost a few more pounds. Since surgery she is down a total of 7. We have a really long way to go 100+ pounds is the goal. At least the number is going down consistently instead of up.

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  1. Rene, Please let us know what's happening and how Alex is doing now. I follow your blog and it helps me understand the whole process as a mother of a teenager who has just been diagnosed with Cushings.