Friday, September 25, 2009

Called In To See the Principal

I so hate this. I got a phone call from Alex's high school counselor earlier this week, the principal needs to meet with us. I ended up going in sans Alex; she wasn't up to it. I had to meet with the counselor and the new principle. I've decided I want the old principal back. I didn't cry 'till I was back home.

I understand their viewpoint, I feel the same way. Alex has completed 60 credits out of 260 needed to graduate. She won't graduate at this pace (duh). She is a junior, less than 2 years left to accomplish the goal. None of this is news to me, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do about it. I was told to push her harder. If I push any harder one of us (or both) is going to break. I'm sure, to the school, I just look like a mom who doesn't care, who thinks dropping out is an option. That's so not me, but how do I get that across to them? They said we need a note from the doctor saying exactly what Alex is "able" to do. They say " the doctor must be able to do something. The doctor must understand how this will affect her life." Really? Who is this doctor they speak of? I'd like to meet him. We are on our own... the doctors say give it time.

Tick, tick, tick.


  1. First, let me thank you for your blog. My daughter who is 19 was just diagnosed with Cushing's and reading you blog has helped me cope and understand - if you can understand this syndrome.
    Second, have you thought of pulling Alex out of traditional school and letting her go at her own pace through either an alternative program or home schooling?

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  3. My email address is I'd love to talk to you more directly.
    Alex has been in an alternative school for several years, even that's too much for her. They are the ones I'm currently fighting.

  4. Hi, Rene, I'm so sorry Alex and you are going through all this. It's just not fair, you would think that all the battles you've been through with diagnosis and surgeries..that it would be about time you could cop a break and things would go easy. The school's just don't get it. I've had to fight tooth and nail for Holly at her school every step of the way. Holly has a friend who has missed a lot of school as well due to illness, and the school is bending over backward to accommodate her..the difference between Holly and her friend? While Holly is piling on weight, her friend has lost a lot of weight. In their eyes..weight loss=sick, weight gain=lazy kid not willing to work. Sorry, I didn't mean to go off on my own rant, but I understand a bit of what you're going through. I hope and pray that things improve for Alex..and in the end, what's the big hurry to finish school? So if she has to go back as an adult to get her HSC, so be it..her recovery has to come first. Take care Rene..big hugs to you and Alex.