Monday, July 16, 2012

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago today Alex had her adrenal glands removed. Four weeks ago today she had an ablation done on the suspected area of rest tissue. It feels like today is a day I should do an update...

As of the past two weeks I'm having some serious doubts that the procedure worked. At the two week point I was feeling oh-so-confident. Not so much any more. To begin with her weight dropped a few pounds and she was feeling much better. She had no new acne and was sleeping at night. Sadly, over the past 2 weeks her weight has gone up about 10 pounds. She has actually been feeling pretty well, so that's obviously a positive sign but there have been a few nights when she seemed pretty ampy and a few days where she was having some pretty big mood swings. 

She's been on 15 mg of hydro since a couple days after the procedure. That's the same as the lowest dose she has ever been on since the BLA. After the recent weigh-in she dropped 2.5mg off of her afternoon dose to bring her overall dose down to 12.5. I'm definitely worried. Again. 

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